Rosey Moment: New Album from Frank Ocean??

So late last night while most people were sleep the ever mysterious Frank Ocean realeased, this little how can I say this “MYSTERIOUS” teaser for what I believe to be an album accompanied by a release date July 17, 2012. In the background you can hear him crooning “She’s working up the pyramid tonight” so do you think this is for a single, ep or an official Def Jam album release?  Either way I’ll be happy.

– Stay Rosey

This is by far the only woman in entertainment that I can say I’ve admired and respected my entire life, the passion she puts into her craft and family and just the amount of time she invests into all these things that as an extremely large iconic figure she does not have to. Is the very reason her and her talents are where they are . So now watch the new mother prepare to get “Back To Business” in part one of her mini-docuseries.

The shows all sold out in record breaking time (by the way she beat her own record)  causing her to add a fourth show which sold out immediately as well and to everyone headed to Atlantic City ENJOY!!- Stay Rosey