Rosey Thought: “Welcome Back” The First Ever PumpsandRoses VLog

I recorded this before the news of my grandpa, but I still wanted to go ahead and put this up to let you guys know what’s going on with PumpsandRoses and Haus Of Rosey Banks…Sorry JaRon for the name slip up!! -Stay Rosey You Guys.

Rosey Quote: OCEAN….FRANK “White”

Today while scrolling through Frank Ocean’s tumblr I kept hitting River, because I wanted to go deeper and while doing so I ran across this poem that looked familiar, it simply mimicks “White” , but today the words were more beautiful and touched, and I wouldn’t say it ¬†because of Franks situation, but well my soul was just touched.

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Rosey Moment: New Album from Frank Ocean??

So late last night while most people were sleep the ever mysterious Frank Ocean realeased, this little how can I say this “MYSTERIOUS” teaser for what I believe to be an album accompanied by a release date July 17, 2012. In the background you can hear him crooning “She’s working up the pyramid tonight” so do you think this is for a single, ep or an official Def Jam album release? ¬†Either way I’ll be happy.

– Stay Rosey