It’s easy to obsess over Rihanna. If not for her catchy music, then for her trendsetting looks and overall “F*ck You” attitude. However, lately the “Birthday Cake” singer has been on some serious Good Girl Gone Bad behavior and she’s not setting the best examples for her young and impressionable fans. Here’s three reasons why Ri Ri needs to have a seat or an intervention.

1. The Other Woman

Sure Rihanna and Chris Brown reunited via club hopping and song without Jay-Z’s blessing, but that definitely didn’t mean that the two were back together. Chris tweeted a photo of him making dinner for Karrueche, proving that the two are still together and Rihanna’s just playing the role of…the other woman. Classy.

rihanna smoking cigarette2. Smoke Screen

Rihanna’s puffed puffed passed and didn’t care who saw it, so when she tweeted this photo of herself smoking a cigarette, we weren’t surprised. However, as…

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