Rosey Thoughts: “Untitled Heart”

 I have always been pretty open with my audience in my highest points of Love and Life, and myconfused moments. Then, a point came when I couldn’t properly deaal with those things, and found myself shunned from the world on my own merit, For the shear fact that I hated not being absolutely sure of what my world is. Confused and insecure has never been mycup of tea, I never had something affect my whole being and in the mist of trying to figure it all out I never quite lost my cool, although I put my pride on the line so many times only to be defeated on many occasions…

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 The heart and mind are and never will be bestfriends although they can co-exist in the same world, and even be friends at times. Don’t let it fool you a time comes in our world were we find peace and hapiness on all fields, if you have trust ,faith, and patience.  I have often wrote of my high hopes and dreams, I have also wrote about my relationship which meant so much to me and still does. The reality of it all is, we never know what will happen, and can’t always control the outcome, so you kind of always have to keep a focus of your own to allow yourself some sort of peace, it is often times so easy to just lose yourself in a person(I’m guilty) , but that is what happens in love the only solution is to find balance (which I always have done), but when you lose a person that you’d do anything in the world for …it’s not the end of the world it is simply the beginning of a new or atleast slightly differet one, just stay true to yourself follow your dreams and if the love was truely your’s to begin with it WILL come back and if it doesn’t atleast allow yourself the oppurtunity to say you did your, tried your best, and your heart was always pure- Stay Rosey!


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