Style Discussion: Too Trill ?

Thanks to the new wave of young Southern Rappers like Big K.R.IT., Curren$y,Harlem native A$AP Rocky, and honorable mention Drake (from Canada), there has been a new found energy in the whole Trill lifestyle even  up to mixing up Codeine to get really be about it. You can thank Lil’ Wayne for making that a thing as well, but ultimately You can not leave out the Underground Kingz who put “Trill” on the map to begin with. More after the jump

With that being said the fashion world took  notice High end and Streetwear alike, and now there is an slew of fashion that correlates to “Trill” noe the grills and gold teeth I understand that’s a total 3rd coast thing, but exactly how does wearing American flag shirts and shorts make you “Trill” , although I remember Trick Daddy having a love for flags it was during a time when he was making a major statement with his music, how does the flag come into place now? The other day while in Charleston and this kid had on a supreme hat and Obey shirt with a mean pair of black cement 3’s, and another guy told him “Man you too trill with that sh*t on”, but how did that make him trill?  So ultimately what’s your take on the new found love for trill especially in the fashion world?-Join The Discussion

(Thanks to for the photo.)

-Stay Rosey or should I say TRILL hahaa


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