Great interview introducing another audience to a really cool artist.

The Inner City's Cliche

Where’d you grow up, and how has that influenced your sound?
I grew up in England and Holland . I guess it’s a combo of being exposed to a variety of different music from the surrounding countries, and my mother’s knowledge of music that influenced me the most early on in life . I gravitated towards soul type stuff when I was about 6 or 7 . But i’ve always listened to everything and relate to it all on different levels.  We’re all multidimensional so why not?
What category would you place yourself in musically?
Love Music .  (see above)
How did you meet Afta-1, and what’s it like working with him?
I met Afta-1 through Imani Waddy (founder of Gas’d and Pronounced Love collective) . There was all this hype about his music and I at first hadn’t even considered working with him, as I’d only heard Aftathoughts and…

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