Rosey Moment: Nicki Minaj Take Over on 106 & PARK

Nicki on 2 Chainzzzz!: ”

” I like stand up dudes that do what they say and say what they do. I have to say this, I am from an era that was hungry. Like really hungry! When I was selling my mixtape out my car, I was really selling my mixtape out of my car. I feel like artists right now, they putting out a single and then they are like, ‘I’m Here. I’m a hot MC in the game’. To me, it’s corny. You are suppose to be honored when people ask you to be on their album. You may not get that opportunity again, ever.

So Let me say this, the reason why Nicki Minaj came out of nowhere and slaughtered is because when people called me, I got in that studio and I sent a verse back in 24 hours. That’s what I was doing. I had lasik eye surgery. When Rihanna called me, I got the verse done in 24 hours with a patch on my eye. So I just wanna say 2 Chainz deserves every bit of success that he has right now because he’s hungry and he works hard.”
Check The Video ~~~>




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