Rosey Moment: The Tragic Case of Trayvon Martin

About a month ago a kid from Florida was killed so for about three weeks I’ve been following this case, simply because it sits so close to home that could have been my cousin,bestfriend, brother, boyfriend or just anyone close to me that I’ve encountered. Trayvon was simply walking home after being sent to get some candy for his little brother on the walk back as he talked to his girlfriend on the phone he noticed he was not simply being watched but followed. By the leader of his neighborhood crime watch program, this is a man who had no actual life to look forward to he wanted desperately to be a police officer although he was in community college due to recent controversy has been kicked out. In the state of Florida since 2005 they have had a “Stand Your Ground” law which is going to make it hard to prosecute this man despite the fact that he took the life of an completely innocent soul. This story really disheartened me and has had me speechless on the matter for awhile and I really don’t want to make this an “race issue” , but a matter of who  you know in high places the police men Sanford,FL  did not give him any test no alcohol, mental, or anything of that matter. This is a man who was known to talk with officer or call the station at a noted 54 times a week. So maybe that is the reason the stations chief decided he would temporarily resign from his position he knows what his friend did was wrong he was practically on a manhunt like men would do in ancient times. He should be put to jail although I could never wish ill will upon any one what if a man of any other ethnicity with no connection but the same position in his community had done that. The door would be slammed in his face and the key would be thrown away so My love and Prayer goes out to the Martin family and if South Carolina has a ‘” Million Hoodies March” I will definitely be in  attendance.

Sign This Electronic Petiton For JUSTICE!     :



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