ROSEY THOUGHT : Food For Thought ,Food For The Heart…and Soul…and Ever evolving Minds

At this point in my life it’s almost as if I have nothing to lose yet everything to prove, even though I have not graduated  high school yet I already regret much of my high school career simply on decisions that could have allowed me to flourish yet I held myself back at one point it was out of fear, but then it was just me not taking risk. So now I’ve vowed to myself never to stop myself like that again only place left to go is up and that’s the only place I plan to be. So now quick question on some food for thought, food for the heart soul and your ever evolving mind are you being all you can to make sure you live out your dream? You only get one life to live and you can never do it again…. Rest in peace love and paradise Caleb GreeneImage 


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