Wale: Ambition

I know i’m a little late since “Ambition” was released on 11.1.11 but I couldn’t go without sharing my thoughts on the album. At first I really thought that it would sound like trash because of all of those songs Wale was making with Rick Ross over the summer that sounded horrible. But the album is okay. I’ve gotten so used to his old mixtape “More About Nothing” and how the vibe is way different than what he has been releasing lately. So in my opinion, nothing will ever be better than that mixtape.  I didn’t have to skip a single song. I could just let it play. I had a little hope for his album but I just can’t bring myself to like “Ambition” at all. I listened to like 15 seconds of a song and then I was skipping to the next one.  And whats with all this “Ambition” shit? Almost everybody at my damn school is ambitious now. It seems like it’s becoming more of a trend than people actually taking out the time to listen to the music! Quit boosting up all of this Ambition stuff. The album is alright, but I think it isn’t all of what his fans are hyping it up to be.


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