Fall Fashion, Colors, & Prints!

I can’t believe it’s finally here!  After all of the parties and beaches we all went  to,  and the scorching hot heat in the South, Fall is finally approaching. It damn sure took long enough right?  It’s time for the gloomy gray skies, cold mornings and freezing nights. The leaves are falling and it’s officially time to get some Fall & Winter clothes in your closet.

Before you go shopping and decide to just pick out any old regular winter clothes, take a look at the different colours and styles of Fall fashion this year.


 If you have a denim jacket, don’t throw it aside yet! During the cold months you can wear it over something cute like a dress or over a cute top like the pictures below.




                       At first I thought cheetah print was just a thing for the Summer, but actually this bold and sexy print is slowly but surely falling into the fall this year. It’s my personal favorite. It’s flirty and you can also dress it down.


This fall when your shopping and you’re looking for something cute and girly, try Pastel colours. They’re soft and neutral and they will most definitely complement your outfit during this time of year. Below are some pictures using Pastel colours so you all can have and idea of what to pick up the next time you go shopping.


I hope this helped!



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