It’s A Photoshoot!

Okay, So recently me and Crystal decided we should get together and take some photos. Im already excited to see whats gonna come of this because I never really took pictures with another person on the other side of the camera, BUT im sure they’ll come out great! So, I decided I should go do some research of poses that Crystal could try out. So check them out!


  • For the pictures below, the ideal place is to be somewhere with lots of space thats out in the open, close to a  swampy area, or a place close to a garden with alot of colorful and bright flowers.


  • These pictures below are the most fun and busy ones. We’ll try to take these photos in a more busy area with plenty of cars and sunlight. The hitch hiking ones are pretty dope to me lol.



Noooo, she won’t be topless like Cassie is if thats what your thinking lol.


  • For these set of pictures, they’ll be more like the normal kind of friend pictures but with a more sophisticated touch to it. Cassie and Lauren London were the only female buddies I could think of that takes the best kind of friend pictures.


  • These are the more playful ones. And also some randoms that I gathered up.


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