Today I sat and reflected on who I was, Who I am, and exactly who it is that I’m growing to be.   At first I thought of some shy girl who was scared of everything often intimidated ,and scared to express who she was. Then I thought back to about two years ago when it seemed like things were going bad left and right and I couldn’t control it . Which was new for me I was always sheltered from true pain and hate thanks to my mother. so once it finally happened I didn’t know what to do with myself having people blatantly hate me was so new, but then eventually with my back against the wall and finally alone (single) I was able to truly find out who Crystal was  and settling was nowhere in me and I realized that was what I’d been doing for two years. I stayed alone explored every depth of my mind. I realized how much I loved art picked back up with my love of dance and after nine months of soul-searching and reading met a guy who I can truly say is the love of my life :).

With that being said I started a new chapter in my life which I was allowed to be me at all times , never having to suppress my feelings and knowing that no matter what happens the love is still there. Which allowed for me to be more open to other people more loving, more caring, less selfish. More willing to give and more willing to learn. It’s often times the best feeling in the world knowing there is someone you could take with you know matter where you go in life and the only place you want to go is to the top , because you only want to give them the best. Which leads me to who I want to be a woman who is worldly, educated, fulfilled,OPEN,Spontaneous,most of all succesful and in love with the guy that I spoke of today who made everything alright.


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